Terms and conditions

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I. Introduction
Our website provides the ability to "mint" characters from Cyberrappers collection by using "smart contracts". "Minted" characters are stored as crypto-collectibles on the "Ethereum" blockchain. Supply of the items is limited to 1969.
At any point you can check the characters you own by going to the "minted" page of our website "mint" new once, using the "mint" webpage.

To use the website's functionality, a browser extension "MetaMask" has to be installed. "MetaMask" allows you to create and manage your Ethereum wallet. You can use it to buy, transfer and receive Ethereum cryptocurrency. Currently, we do not support any other wallets except "MetaMask". We are sorry for this inconvenience.
II. Fees and pricing policy.
We charge no fee for the usage of the website. "Minting" itself costs 0.2 ETH per character. It is also possible to change the name of the "minted" character for free. In both cases, you will be charged the "transaction fee" by the Ethereum network.
Please bear in mind that it is not possible for us to revert transaction on the Ethereum network, so no refund is possible.
It is possible for the pricing to be changed in the future. VAT is already included within the price.
III. Liability.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. Ownership of any crypto-collectibles "minted" prior to that will not be affected by this.

You are solely responsible for securing access to your computer and/or your Ethereum wallet. Cyberrappers can not be held responsible for any damage and/or losses resulting from your loss of access to your account or the access to your account by third parties.

By using this service, you understand the possible risk of losing the digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency and/or tokens and that the owners of this website can not be held liable for any such loss.